How to thicken already made caramel

My husband loves caramel, especially when it's covered in chocolate. I normally make him Millionaires shortbread, however this time he wanted something different. As always we talk about how we are going to do a new recipe, the best way to do it. This conversation can last for an hour or two. 

Usually when I make the Millionaires shortbread, I use a can of already made caramel, mostly because I'm lazy and we want somewhat of a quick sweet treat. We found the caramel to be too soft, or runny. Very gooey, and messy, but still yummy. We have talked several times, on how to make it thicker, without too much effort, remember, this is meant to be quick and easy. I went to work researching, 'How to thicken caramel', Most of what I saw was how to actually make from scratch caramel, which some day I will do. I did come across one forum, where this exact question was asked, but not really answered. 

Now I make my own toffee every year for Christmas, so I thought I should be able to thicken up this can of sauce. I got my copper candy pot out, and my handy dandy candy thermometer, and set to work. I decided I would just try to simply cook the sauce until it thickened up to the desired thickness, which in this case should be 'firm ball' on a candy thermometer. 

Since the sauce has already become caramel, my thermometer didn't really do me much good. This is when the cold water trick comes in handy. Have a glass full of very cold water ready to go, and just drop some amounts of the caramel into the water. Once it is at the firm ball stage, it should hold together when you go to pick it up from the water. When you get it to the correct thickness, just pour it out onto your prepared pan, and let cool completely. You can then cut and cut it into squares. 

Quick and easy guide:
Step 1: Get a can, or two, or caramel sauce
Step 2: Pour it into a copper pot, or heavy sauce pan.
Step 3: Heat on medium heat, stirring constantly, until desired thickness. Use a VERY cup of cold water to test small amounts for readiness. Once the caramel forms a small ball that holds its shape, it is ready
Step 4: Pour it into a prepared pan, lined with greaseproof paper. Allow to cool completely before cutting into squares. Enjoy.

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